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Pet Physical Therapy

Reduce pain, improve mobility and overcome injuries.

Physical therapy isn’t just for people – it can be used for pets, too. Your cat or dog can benefit from physical rehabilitation the same way you might if you were overcoming an injury.

How does pet physical therapy work?

Really, physical therapy for pets isn’t unlike any other form of physical therapy. It involves applying the same basic principles as human physical therapy to reduce pain, improve mobility, and overcome injuries. 

Pet physical therapy is both a science and an art which is why it’s important for your provider to be properly certified. At Country Critters Veterinary Hospital, we have several certified canine rehabilitation practitioners (CCRP) on our team and are ready to help your pet start its journey to recovery. 


What are the benefits of pet physical therapy?

Whether your pet is healing from an injury and needs to strengthen its muscles or you’ve been told you need to help them lose weight to keep them healthy, physical therapy can help them get to where they need to be.

Physical therapy has been proven to:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Strengthen muscles and endurance
  • Improve function and mobility
  • Promote balance and spatial awareness 
  • Facilitate weight loss 
  • Encourage normal weight-bearing and gait after surgery 
  • Prevent muscle contractions and atrophy
  • Decrease reliance on pain medication

Services offered

Exercise Therapy

Each pet is given a tailor-made exercise program that slowly increases in intensity to continue to challenge your pet as they improve.  The program includes both exercises to be done at home daily and exercises done during sessions here with our specialized rehab equipment.

Massage & Manual Therapy

Our staff is trained to massage, stretch and perform specific techniques to relieve pain and improve flexibility in joints and muscle groups. This is incorporated into exercise sessions.


We have specialized equipment like our e-stim machine and laser therapy to help relieve pain and speed recovery.

Splinting/ Specialized Braces

Pets with arthritis, neurologic disease, or congenital problems with leg alignment may benefit from specialized braces.  Our doctor can make splints or braces to help correct many of these problems or discuss other options to help your pet move more comfortably. 


Overweight pets can start an exercise plan that is targeted to their level of fitness to encourage weight loss and improve strength and endurance.  We can also help canine athletes and working dogs come back to work after injury and discuss ways to prevent this in the future. 


Owners interested in starting a rehab program for their pets need to set up an initial evaluation with Dr. Busick.  During this evaluation, we will determine the problem areas for your pet as well as a way to improve your pet's comfort and function.  Most pets benefit from daily home exercise in combination with sessions done in the clinic. 

If your pet was recently injured or has difficulty walking or standing, call us at (765) 378-7387 to discuss physical therapy options.

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