Meet the friendly staff at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital!

  • Dr.
    David Eddleman

    Dr. Eddleman's love of animals all started at the age of 10 when he was greeted by a brown-eyed, tail-wagging, tongue-flapping, tri-colored beagle puppy he named 'Shorty'.

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  • Dr.
    Veronica Busick

    Dr. Busick grew up in Miami, Florida where her and her brother would always take in animals that came into the backyard.  Anoles, iguanas and turtles to name a few all found a safe spot to rest and some tasty greens before they moved on to other habitats.

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  • Dr. Tyler
    Associate Veterinarian

    The newest veterinary member of our family, Dr. Tyler joined us in June after moving to Indiana from Illinois. Dr. Tyler grew up in a small town in rural northwest Illinois by the Wisconsin border, surrounded by dairy farms. 

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  • Allison
    Hospital Administrator

    Allison graduated from Liberty University with her Bachelor of Arts in English in 2017 and her Masters of Business Administration in 2019. Allison then headed to Chicagoland to work in a nationally-recognized brand strategy firm before finding her way to CCVH. Though she is usually tucked away in an office, typing away, you may catch a glimpse of her clicking around the practice in her high heels, on a mission to find some piece of paperwork. 

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  • Sarah
    Team Leader

    Animals have always been a big part of Sarah's life.  She grew up on a farm and has always enjoyed caring for animals.  She spent 5 years studying at IUPUI, where she obtained a biology degree.

    The summer after graduating, she started an internship at the North Georgia Zoo in Cleveland, GA for 7 months.  After returning home, she decided to attend veterinary technician school.  She has since graduated and successfully obtained her veterinary technician license.  She is very passionate about animals but also enjoys reading, archery, fishing and spending time outdoors.

  • Jessica
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jessica was raised in New Palestine, IN, and couldn't imagine not having or being around animals.  Growing up with several cats and dogs encouraged her to work in the veterinary field. 

    Jessica enjoys helping animals and supporting their owners.  In her spare time, she is also a horse trainer in Middletown.  She enjoys horseback riding, camping, and spending time with her family and friends.  She loves her many animals: Joey, Candy, Lady and Lily (all horses), Hank, Jasmine and Jasper (her dogs), Lucy, Ethel, Copper, Pumpkin, and Sydney (her cats).

  • Moissa
    Veterinary Assistant, Surgery Assistant

    I am from Middletown Indiana. I have 2 dogs (a German Shepard and a sheltie), 2 cats, a hedgehog, and a saltwater fish tank.

    I have grown up around all kinds of animals on a small family farm. I’ve had anything from dogs and cats to llamas and donkeys. I’ve always wanted to be in the animal field being able to help those animals in need.

    I feel like my favorite part of my job 'should be' seeing puppies or kittens, but honestly, it’s when I am able to teach a client how to better help their pet, or when a pet needs help, and I’m able to be a part of that team that helps them.

  • Molly
    Veterinary Assistant

    Molly joined our CCVH Team in August. Check back soon to learn more about her!

  • Hayley
    Veterinary Assistant

    Hayley joined our CCVH Team in August. Check back soon to learn more about her!

  • Jailene
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jailene joined our CCVH Team in December. Check back soon to learn more about her!


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