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Work CAN feel like play!                                                                                                                          Working in the veterinary field can be rewarding- there is nothing like helping someone take better care of their furry family member knowing you made a positive difference in the life of both the owner and the pet, and don't forget the warm fuzzies from puppy or kitten snuggles either!  However, anyone in the veterinary field can also attest that this job can be stressful as well.  When times are stressful working with coworkers that feel more like family can help bring morale up again.  At Country Critters Veterinary Hospital that is exactly what we do!

coworkers having fun together

Our Culture                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We feel the best way to provide the best care is to have the best staff possible.  As a result we can be selective in choosing new members that fit well with the existing crew.  Our culture can be summed up as follows:

child at work with parent

Family oriented-  Our facility is a family run business.  This translates into encouraging (and expecting) work/ life balance with our staff.  We try hard to work together as a team so no one person carries the entire day's responsibility making the day go faster and smoother.  We rely on each other to accomplish tasks and make each day fun.  We realize that families require flexibility and try to provide this as needed when scheduling shifts knowing that when helping each other someday our coworkers will be there when we need help as well. 

Best foot forward We strive to do this in every aspect of our job.  We try hard to do our best with every interaction whether with clients or coworkers.  We encourage education by providing in-house continuing education as well as continuing education opportunities through conferences or certifications.  We want to help you expand your knowledge base as best as you can.  The doctors always encourage questions from staff curious to learn why we do what we do.  

We chose to think the best of each other-  It really is a choice.  We generate a positive working environment by focusing on the positives that each coworker brings to the day.  By doing this, we can be compassionate in what we do and how we interact with each other shifting us into a workplace you want to be at instead of have to be at.  

We help any way we can-  Our goal as a practice is to help clients by providing the best care we can for their pets.  We make a difference by educating clients about pet wellness and comforting them when they are struggling with difficult decisions.  We also try to do this in the community at large.  You will see staff and their families volunteering their knowledge and time at many events not limited to:

  • Community chefs- a fundraiser that raises money to support Anderson School systems among many other charities
  • We frequently offer our time and services to participate in local shelter events to help raise funds to provide for local pets in need
  • The doctors take time to give talks to the local schools or special clubs about animal safety and health

Grow with us                                                                                                                                                                                                 We feel strongly that knowledge is power.  We strive to provide avenues for all our staff members to gain more knowledge about our field and develop confidence in their ability.  We do this by providing mentorship for all new hires to give them a sounding board to voice any concerns and to provide hands on learning and advice so they may become fully trained and confident employees.  We encourage those seeking additional certifications to expand their knowledge.  You will often see interns or job shadows working with us as a way to encourage the next generation.   

Why chose us?  Because we're AWESOME!!

Like what you see?  We would love the opportunity to get to know you and see if you are perfect for our team.  Upload a resume below or stop by our location to talk to us!

Great things are happening here!

We love our job and it shows! Here's why:

  • ""When I come to work at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital I have the opportunity to make an impact for good with everything I do. Whether I am helping a sick pet feel better, talking to owners about tough choices or teaching support staff how to accomplish a task and developing their skills I know I can rely on my coworkers to help me succeed. I am a part of the team and together we can be a light to our community. At Country Critters Veterinary Hospital I have a purpose and a team that helps me accomplish this with a smile and a laugh!""
    Veronica Busick, DVM, CCRT
  • ""Working at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital has been an enjoyable, fulfilling experience. I always enjoy learning, and the wonderful doctors are constantly teaching me new things and helping me to become a better veterinary technician. The entire staff is made up of friendly, happy, hard working and helpful individuals. Everyone is willing and eager to help their fellow team members accomplish tasks. Working with such a great team helps me enjoy going to work.""
    Sarah Weaver, RVT
  • ""I love my job! I feel like I'm really making a difference when I help a sick pet feel better or when I am able to help owners better understand how to care for their pets. Even though the job can be challenging I find it rewarding when I can come along side an owner and help them through a difficult situation. The other thing that makes my job great is the team of people I work with. I consider them real friends. They support me everyday on the job and on a personal level as well. We try to have fun and my teammates always keep me laughing!""
    Jen Drummond, Veterinary Assistant
  • ""As I am a recent veterinary graduate I wanted to find a practice that not only emphasized high quality medicine but also provides great mentorship. I couldn't have asked for a better place to expand on the knowledge that I built in veterinary school. Dr. Eddleman and Dr. Busick readily provide their insight on cases, both medical and surgical, and we truly work as a team here. Everyone aims to keep the atmosphere positive and focuses on lifting up those around you and helping each other on tasks throughout the day. Even after long and difficult days I leave work happy to be working here with support staff that feel like family. The days have a steady pace but even when busy everything comes together to provide the patient with needed care provided by a team that strives to take care of the patient, client and each other! I feel blessed to work with people I consider my friends and work-family while practicing quality medicine.""
    Meaghan MacQueen, DVM
  • ""It's always a joy to want to come to work and at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital that's exactly how I feel. When I start my shift in the mornings, the people I work with are great, very friendly, willing to help with procedures and we all work as a team. We are one big family at Country Critters and everybody seems to have each others backs. Country Critters Veterinary Hospital is very flexible with my schedule, allowing me to work part-time to be present with my family more. I love my job!"
    Jessica Bradley, Veterinary Assistant

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