• Heartworm Disease- The Tale of a Broken Heart
    Heartworm disease is devastating for your pet's health. Help us keep your furry family member safe and healthy by learning about heartworm disease and ways to protect your cat or dog from contracting this potentially deadly disease. Read more
  • Canine rehabilitation- A fun and helpful way to help Fluffy heal!
    Canine physical therapy, also known as rehabilitation, can help pets recover faster from injury or surgery and can also relieve some discomfort from arthritis. Country Critters Veterinary Hospital would love the opportunity to help your pet live a happier, healthier life. Contact us today! Read more
  • Let us help you make the holidays safe AND fun for everyone!
    Last month we discussed common toxic foods that our pets come across around the holidays.  This month here at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital want to touch on other common holiday Read more
  • Holiday fun for EVERYONE!!
    The holidays are fast approaching and we here at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital want to help keep you and your pets safe at home this holiday season!  Let's review some Read more
  • Halloween fun for everyone!!
    Boo!  Halloween is fast approaching and all of us at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital want to let you in on some helpful tips to keep your spooky pets safe from Read more
  • Getting old is SCARY!
    In the month of October Country Critters Veterinary Hospital celebrates aging with our "Getting Old is Scary" savings. Join with us so your pet can have more quality days with you. Read more
  • Back to school time isn't just for kids!
    School is not just for kids, pets can benefit too! Read more
  • It's getting HOT out here!
    Keep your pets safe in hot weather by avoiding being outside at the hottest parts of the day. Read more
  • Keep your pet safe over the 4th of July holiday
    America's Independence Day!  A day of celebration, cookouts, and of course, fireworks!  While it may sound great to have your pet join you for the upcoming firework displays it is Read more
  • Halloween Safety for Your Pet
    What you view as fun for Halloween might be scary, or even dangerous, for your pets. Country Critters Veterinary Hospital would like to shed some light on what to watch Read more
  • Treat Your Pet to a Longer, Healthier Life
    Here at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital, we understand that devoted pet owners enjoy giving their four-legged friends extra treats and seeing how happy it makes them. Too many treats, however, Read more
  • Are Heartworms really a big deal?
    The team at Country Critters Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to educating you about heartworms and to keeping your pet protected from them. Heartworms cause irreparable damage to the heart and Read more
  • Winter is cold for everyone… Including your pets
    Be aware of your pet’s safety as temperatures decline. You can take several precautions to help your pet be more comfortable in the chilly weather. Cats should be kept indoors, and Read more

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